New model FAQ’s





Model jargon when your starting out can be a little confusing so here are a few points of interest to help you along your career.

  • Assignment: ┬áJob
  • TFP/TFCD: time for prints or cd
  • Model Kit: this is items models should take with them to work.
  • Booker: Person at the model agency booking you for work.
  • Booking: An assignment/job.
  • Casting: An audition/interview for work.
  • Contact sheet: Small pictures taken during a photo shoot printed onto paper for viewing.
  • Commission: Amount payable to the agency from your earnings. Commission is deducted before payment is made to the model.
  • Fees: The amount you get paid for a job. These vary from job to job and are dependent on what the assignment is. Your agent negotiates fees on your behalf.
  • Go sees: Doing the rounds to photographers as requested by your agency.
  • Index card also known as model card/comp card/Z card: A models calling card and business card all in one; a mini-brochure displaying photographs of the model and vital statistics.
  • Portfolio: A book of photographs that a model carries around with him/her when going to see clients for work.
  • Tear sheets: Pages torn out a magazine/catalogue.
  • Test shoot: New models should expect to do several of these professional photographic sessions in order to obtain the necessary shots to promote them.